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Greetings from Chuck Norris - Watch The Epic Christmas Tree Split Parody of Van Damme Epic Volvo Truck Split

In this epic parody of Jean-Claude Van Damme’s very impressive split between two moving Volvos, Chuck Norris sends us Holiday wishes while performing this epic stunt! Hungarian animation firm Delov Digital brings us "the epic Christmas split" using a Norris character and a voiceover of Shakespeare's "Hamlet. In the video we see boots standing on the cowboy hat atop Norris' head, and it becomes clear that he's in the sky and then that he has a team of 11 paratroopers perched above as he is straddling the wings of two giant cargo planes. The troops light up like a Christmas...

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Yay for Announcements! Our Handsomely Crafted Goods Are Now Available At Moss In The Pacific Northwest

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With the recent one-year Mossiversary of the brick and mortar storefront Moss there is so much to celebrate! We are proud & excited to announce that Portsmith Co is headed to the Pacific Northwest, our second home away from home! Hayley and the amazing Moss team welcome to the Portsmith Co. family, we are just as ecstatic to be a part of your growing local community. Thanks for letting out the welcome mat! You can now find and shop our handsomely crafted goods at Moss located in Port Angeles, WA in the heart of the downtown district of a small...

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CATCH : A Handimation through Glass Short Stop Motion Film

  Creatives and tech enthusiasts you are gonna love this video! CATCH: A Handimation through Glass is a short stop-motion film about a surreal moment on a lazy Sunday morning in a coffee shop. The clip consists of more than 1,000 photos and drawings, and was shot over four days using Glass. Made by a group of animator and filmmaker friends in New York, jamming on the weekends.

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Ode To Smithy: Thomas Edison's Blacksmith Scene (1893)

ANVIL presents Thomas Edison's Blacksmith Scene from Alex Ander on Vimeo.  This is an 1893 black & white short film of three blacksmiths hammering away on an anvil. The clanging sound that echo's reminds us of hard work and perseverance. In the center of the action is a large anvil whose sole purpose is to take the force of the hammer. With a blacksmith behind the anvil and one to either side all holding metal hammers they begin to pound. The blacksmith in the middle uses a heated metal rod he has removed from a fire and places it on...

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Camp Brand Goods Holiday Gift Guide For the Outdoor Enthusiast Featuring the Fulcro Bottle Opener

We spy with our eye the Fulcro bottle opener in the amazing handsomely curated Camp Brand Goods mens gift guide. The gift guide features the best in uber cool outdoorsmen gear for men from Camp Brand Goods,  Portsmith Co., Juniper Ridge, Best Made Co., Filson, Molly Jogger, Stanley, Little Lion Man Leather and music by The Strumbellas. Because every adventure needs a bluegrass-inspired indie rock soundtrack for trekking through the wilderness. Perfect gifts for the bearded Lumberjack and Bear Grylls manly man who wants to kindle the fire in his chest, rough it in the wild or look hip sitting...

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